Currently living in Los Angeles and Kansas City.

New York Mindset, Living in Los Angeles with a Midwest Heart.

Both a graduate of The New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts and The Second City, Andrea Fantauzzi has skills in both teaching and coaching for drama and comedy. An award-winning SAG-AFTRA Actor, she consistently is auditioning for studios such as: Nickelodeon, Disney, Netflix, Sony, and Warner Bros.

An award-winning Director, Producer, Writer, and Editor – she is currently producing the highly anticipated TV-MA television series Black Zone and is working closely with names such as Matthew R Anderson (Fast and Furious saga) and Sanaa Kelley (Ted Lasso).

Acting Techniques: Stanislavski, Meisner, Adler, and Uta Hagen.

Physical Movement Techniques: Viewpoints, Suzuki, Laban, and Gaga.

Comedy: Sketch, Short Form, Long Form, General Improv, and Musical Improv.

Miscellaneous: Voice and Speech, Shakespeare, Anton Chekhov, Physical and Vocal Dynamics, Audition Technique (theatrical and commercial), Scene Study, Monologue Coaching, Acting through Song, and Acting in VO (commercial and animation/video games).

Business: The Business of Acting – covers a wide range of the business side of the acting industry from headshots to selftape setups.

Private Coaching

Private Coaching for Acting Technique, Auditions, Callbacks, Shoots, Pre-Production, Post-Production, Line Producing, and/or anything under The Business of Acting.

Private Coaching (2 hours): 150 dollars

Private Coaching (1 hour): 75 dollars

Private Coaching (30 minutes): 37 dollars

Email afantazee@gmail.com for more information.


Needing a professional selftape or slateshots? Look no further!

What makes me stand out? I shoot on a 6K RED Dragon and High Quality Camcorder, have a shotgun mic, a lavalier, and a Mix-Pre 10 (sound mixer). All of the footage I shoot is edited and mixed in Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition. I am auditioning constantly and am repped by industry leading professionals.

Selftape Professional shot and edited (90 minutes): 125 dollars

Selftape – Professionally shot and edited (60 minutes): 75 dollars

Selftape – Professionally shot and edited (30 minutes): 50 dollars

Slateshots (30 minutes sessions with RED): 40 dollars

Slateshots (30 minutes with high quality camcorder): 25 dollars

Slateshots (30 minutes with high quality camcorder): 25 dollars

Email afantazee@gmail.com for more information.

On-Going Classes

Currently teaching:

1) Custom Scenes: Looking to add a professionally shot scene or two to add to your reel? Let me know! – Working out of Kansas City and Los Angeles.

2) Audition Technique and/or Scene Study class coming soon!

Email afantazee@gmail.com for more information.

Selftape Tips and Tricks! Intro
Selftape Tips and Tricks! Episode 1 – Background of Selftape
Selftape Tips and Tricks! Episode 2 – Background Lighting
Selftape Tips and Tricks! Episode 3 – Front Lighting
Selftape Tips and Tricks! Episode 4 – Sound, Part 1
Selftape Tips and Tricks! Episode 5 – Sound, Part 2
Selftape Tips and Tricks! Episode 6 – Cameras
Selftape Tips and Tricks! Epilogue

Looking for an Editor to put together your acting reel or acting clip? We offer that as well! We specialize in kids and actors in the beginning stages of their career.

Platform Used: Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition

Experience and Hollywood Mentors: Bella Erikson and Chris Bylsma

“I just had a self tape audition this week and was able to implement some of your tips and tricks! The results looked more polished and professional than anything I’ve previously submitted and I’m already feeling more confident in my ability to self tape going forward.”

Jack Bohnenstiehl 

“Thank you so much for having this class (The Business of Acting) here in Kansas City. I greatly appreciate you taking time just to help others on their acting journey. I am really excited to take what I have learned today and put it to use!!”

Shelby Dominguez

“I have learned so much and am seriously excited to jump back into the acting world! You’ve given me what I need to make a solid game plan.”

Shannon Walsh

I just wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude to you! He has truly enjoyed and has learned so much from this class (Audition Lab – Coterie Theatre) that he will carry with him into future auditions. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent and knowledge this week.”

Anesa Allaire (Coterie Theatre Mom)

I have been so hungry for next level training as an actor from someone with current experience from bigger markets, & especially on the business side, for an incredibly long time. I know what I’m capable of regardless of my zip code so I’m incredibly appreciative to have Andrea as a resource as long as she’s in the area.

My favorite part was learning in depth about how to go into a headshot session more prepared to set yourself up for success for the roles you’ll be submitting for. Along with an in depth look at how to structure your reel to sell your strengths the best you can as well as an in depth look at the acting website tools & how to make them work for you. I’m also very excited to put the guidance on representation outreach into play once all my tools are updated to the level of professionalism Andrea gives guidance on. Why let your zip code get in the way when self-taping is so much more widely accepted?!

Andrea is an amazing teacher. She’s really effective & you can tell she really enjoys it too. We just don’t have this information available to us right now locally until Andrea decided to teach. And, we’re lucky to have her as the one to disseminate it all as long as she’s able to. I feel so relieved to feel much more prepared to act on my talents outside of my current market while still living here. And I only hope that more local work is on the horizon which we’ll all be super prepared for after learning what Andrea has to teach. That way we make an amazing impression & more productions could be willing to cast locally.”

Jennifer Seward