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Andrea Fantauzzi excelled in her station as Producer, always doing more than what was required, and even saved several of the scenes before something disastrous went wrong.”

Jeffrey N Albert (Creator of Black Zone)

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It’s a joy to work with Andrea and her professionalism is top notch.

– Jake Jackson (Special Makeup Effects Artist, Producer)

Directed and Written by Custom Reel (Hala Finley)
Co-Directed and Written by Custom Reel (Josh Brady)
Co-Directed and Written by Custom Reel (Preteen Girl)

Letters from a Father

Letters from a Father (Directed and Written by) – Trailer

Plot Outline: A young woman must make the choice whether to allow her abusive father back into her life.

Tagline: Forgiving is not Forgetting.

Synopsis: Tina is a young woman who was single-handedly raised by her mother after the divorce and prosecution of her father. Years later, after her father is released from prison and about to be off parole, Tina receives a letter from him asking to be part of her life again. Tina must then make the choice whether to allow him back into her and her siblings lives or choose to alienate him for the abuse he committed against herself and her family.

“Outstanding work, and very well directed.” – Festigious International Film Festival

Letters from a Father is well-directed, memorable, and dramatic. Cam did a wonderful job as young Sam.” – Los Angeles Film Awards

Letters from a Father was wonderful. Well done!” – FilmCon Awards

Jury members have gone through each and every film under official selection and have loved Letters from a Father.” – Kalakari Film Fest

Awards/Selected Nominations

“In this touching drama, Tina must make the choice of whether to allow her abusive father back into her life. In her directorial debut, Andrea Fantauzzi creates a magical little film, gets the most out of her actors, and excels in bringing this story from script to screen, in her unique, sensitive way.

Very well produced (Lydia Anderson), beautifully shot (Christopher Commons), and well-performed by Katie Coryell Hall (Tina) and her on-screen young brother Cam Burns (Sam). The flashback scenes shed light on Tina’s heartbreaking story, and create a powerful plot, that keeps the viewer engaged throughout.” – FilmCon Awards

Letters from a Father Best of Fest Nomination2020 Annual FilmCon Awards

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Watch Letters from a Father now on VYRE (under Drama Short Film):

Running Time: 15 minutes

Rated: PG-13 (Theme, Language)

Genre: Short, Drama



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Black Zone

Plot Outline: An unknown event disables electronics in the Midwest, and causing extreme manias in the population. At its center, John is enhanced by an extra-worldly object. Desperately seeking the tech, Echo Company hunts John within the Black Zone.

Tagline: When insanity become the norm, the sane must fight to survive.

Run Time: 1 hour and 12 minutes

Rated: TV-MA (Violence, Language, Nudity, Sensuality)

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Drama

Red Valley

Plot Outline: After 100 years of bloody conflict, the opposing sides agree to have their two greatest warriors fight in unarmed, single combat to decide the war.

Running Time: 15 minutes

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Drama, Short (Proof of Concept)

Failure to Comply

Plot Outline: Born in the inner city, Bobbie Irvin draws from his Native American roots to find his brother’s killer. Based on true life events.

Tagline: Don’t let your past define your future.

Synopsis: Raised in the inner city, Bobbie Irvin and his brother, Chad, spend summers on a Native American reservation – away from their abusive father and the drug infested streets, where violence and crime are a daily occurrence. There, Bobbie learns to channel his rage and gain the survival skills of his ancestors. After a close friend becomes a casualty to drugs, Bobbie vows to escape his life and serve in the Armed Forces. Upon his return, Bobbie finds Chad has slipped further down the dark path. With renewed purpose, Bobbie joins the police force and begins assisting in cleaning the streets within his hometown. Then, tragedy strikes when Chad is murdered by a rival gang after robbing one of their drug houses. Grieving for his brother, Bobbie calls upon his ancestral Spirit Bear to grant him the strength and power he’ll need to bring righteous justice to all involved. Based on real-life events.

Running Time: 1 hour and 40 minutes

Rated: R (Violence, Language)

Genre: Action, Drama

Tonton Macoute

Plot Outline: An unruly teen survives the night while being hunted by the Haitian Boogieman.

Synopsis: For generations, Haitian parents would warn their children of Tonton Macoute. A mysterious man that goes out at night hunting down bad children out after dark and stuffing them into a sack where no one will ever see them again – thus encouraging generations of good behaving children.

On his eighteenth birthday, Francis celebrates by sneaking into his high school with a group of his friends in the middle of the night – free to do whatever they want with no one watching. 

As the night progresses and friends start disappearing, Francis realizes that Tonton Macoute is more than a just a bedtime story – he is real, and no matter how old you are, if you misbehave he’ll come for you.

Tagline: Dwe Bon Pitit (Be Good Child)

Running Time: 1 hour and 36 minutes

Rated: R (Theme, Violence, Language, Nudity, Sensuality)

Genre: Horror

Event Virus

Plot Outline: In the wake of a cyber doomsday device, a survivalist fights to hang onto a living, holographic copy of his late brother in a world where any remaining technology is worth killing for.

Running Time: 21 minutes

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Short